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Custom Products

Pre-Printed Labels

Pre-printed labels are custom created to fit the needs of each customer. There are many details that we can altar such as: size, material, adhesive, the way it is printed (i.e.: CMYK 4 color process and spot colors), varnishes, lamination and back printing. 

Digitally Printed Labels

Digitally printed labels are the new age way to get the custom labels you want. With no plates to create, no film to output and minimal machine setup, costs for digital printing are very low. Speed is anojother factor that plays into using Digital vs. other options.

Flexographic Labels

Flexographic label printing is typically ideal for larger orders. With flexo, we can run several hundred feet of material per minute. This type of printing can work well with an assortment of materials and technical capabilities such as pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, and metallic labels. The setup is not as cost effective as Digital printing, but with the high volume reduced prices we offer, it ends up working out to benefit the customer.

Lithographic Box Labels

Lithographic box labels are used for high end graphics on corrugated packaging, printed on separate sheets of paper, then adhered to the packaging. We offer full package, or box, coverage or spot labels which cover certain areas of the package.

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